Don’t call it a comeback, breaking mics with ferocity and taking no prisoners, Uptown Rome has returned with a vengeance! His battle rap bravado mixed with his raspy voice and melodic rhymes is a balance of precision and grit. Uptown Rome’s music is written from a uniquely streetwise perspective. His inspiration surges from personal pain, identifiably heartfelt.

Back home in Cincinnati, OH, Uptown Rome recalls his first introduction to music at age six. Encouraged by his uncle to express himself artistically, Rome stepped to the plate, spit, and tenaciously showed out in front of the older kids. The freedom and adrenaline rush he felt would, later on, ignite his path into music.

Free-styling in high school came easy. At a young age, he started writing poetry. The Warmup was his first mixtape alongside his friend, New Breed. His father’s love and knowledge of music heavily crafted his sharp ear. Artists like T.I., Lil Wayne, and Jada Kiss were rappers he respected. Uptown Rome recalls when he heard Nas diss song “Ether”, it was extremely paramount, leading him to feel the passion and bond to music.

Uptown Rome released his first mixtape, Rome Wasn’t Built In A Day I which is a biographical project produced by Sparkz and multiple producers from Cincinnati. The project kicked in the door for the arrival of his second mixtape. Rome Wasn’t Built In A Day II got a lot of buzz, so much, it was nominated two times by the Ohio Hip Hop Awards in 2014. Successfully winning Mixtape of the Year. Along with, “Fuck You Mean” winning Single of the Year from that same mixtape. He was also nominated for Mixtape Artist of the Year, leading wins for a total of three out of four awards. The only other person that was able to do that was MGK the year before. 2015 led him to perform at BET Music Matters. 2017 Came From Nothing mixtape was released featuring collabs with: Offset from Migos, Bankroll Fresh, and producers Sunny Digital, Street Anthems, Tight Jones, Mac Niff, Young Trelle and other producers.

Uptown Rome’s current project, Rome Wasn’t Built In A Day III is the newest addition to the trilogy dropping December 31st, 2020. His single “Having Dis Shit” dropped October 24th, 2020 during a listening event in NYC titled “Romecoming”. Centered around his homecoming, by officially signing with P.U.R.E. Records. The event included none other than DJ Premier, a NY legend, and Shade45, “Live from HeadQCourterz”, SiriusXM radio personality. Along with other music industry tastemakers.

Uptown Rome’s aggressive vocals and lyrical cadence continue to be well received. Carrying his hometown on his back, with his day one fans and his newly acquired ones. There is a reason why the acronym for R.O.M.E. stands for “Realest Of My Era”. It embodies strength and perseverance setting himself in his own lane as a legend in the making.